Reset-Wellness is a program that was developed by Peter de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, MTC, STC. to help anyone achieve better health.

Our Slogan is “Luctor Et Emergo” as we realize that it can be a struggle to become healthier, but in the end we will emerge happier, and healthier. Wellness is the result of life-long learning.

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Why Reset-Wellness?

R is for Relaxation & Rest.
Proper sleep is vital. Rest & Relaxation also are key in a good work-life balance, so coem to us to Reboot and Rejuvenate and Upgrade Your Life.
E is for Education and Engage.
Education is needed ongoing, as new research emerges and we still need to bust some stubborn myths. By engaging you on a deep personal level we can find the specific needs you have and how we can help you with that.
S is for Strength Training, and Support.
Strength training is key to boost metabolism. We support you with personalized programs and advice.
E is for Exercises, and Emerge.
Different people need different exercises; different goals, different lifestyles, different level of experience. When you perform a tailored exercise program just for you and you keep it up you will emerge healthier than ever before.
T is for Transition, and Training.
Training incorporates Exercises for strength, flexibility, endurance as well as proper rest combined with solid nutrition. This takes time and a period of transition: this is where we come in to assist you to avoid that you “fall of the wagon”

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  1. Have you got any experience with blood flow restriction training and if so what is you conclusion for best application to healthy adults.



    1. Chris
      I use BFRT regularly and have for years
      I use doppler to determine LOP and then use 60-80% in legs and 30-50% in upper body


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