Prone Push Up
Lie on your stomach, hands under your armpits, relax the back and hips and press up as far as you can, not to exceed a 3/10 pain. Perform one set of ten repetitions and progress to 2-3x 10
Hip Flexor Stretch
While kneeling, lean forward while keeping your shoulders back. Bend your front knee until a stretch is felt along the front of the other thigh and hip. Hold for 10-30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.
Lie down on your back. use a towel or strap around your foot. Lift the leg straight up, keep knee straight, with use of the towel. Hold 10-30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times
While lying on your back with knees bent, tighten your lower abdominals, squeeze your buttocks and then raise your buttocks off the floor/bed as creating a “Bridge” with your body. Hold and then lower yourself and repeat x10.
While in a crawling position, brace at your abdominals and then slowly lift a leg and opposite arm upwards. Lower leg and arm down and then repeat with opposite side.
Maintain a level and stable pelvis and spine the entire time
While in a crawl position, slowly lower your buttocks towards your feet until a stretch is felt along your back and or buttocks.

Images courtesy of Hep2Go.com