Injured? Want To Work Out?

If you are in pain, or had a recent injury/surgery, and you want to start working out again, but don’t know where to start: reach out to a Physical Therapist. PT’s can help you safely start moving again. They understand your medical history and they understand exercise. However, if you want to start lifting weights […]

How to do Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat isn’t an all-around better exercise than the barbell back squat, but if you incorporate it into your plan intelligently, it can help improve your leg development while reducing your risk of injury and muscle imbalances. Benefits 💪It’s a unilateral exercise, so we can reduce differences between left and right 💪We can […]

Deadlift To Reduce Low Back Pain?

When you have low bck pain, the last thing you want to do are probably deadlifts. And I get it, I understand where you come from. We all have been told that deadlifts can cause back pain, not help it. So what do we see in Physical Therapy clinics? Clamshells, bird dogs and leg lifts […]

Why Do You Need Manual Therapy?

        We believe Physical Therapy should include Manual Therapy treatments for several reasons. Research (Balthazard 2012) shows that Manual Therapy combined with exercises is better than either treatment by itself and according to research by Puentedura (2011), manual therapy reduces fear avoidance behaviors as well. Looking at evidence based treatment options for low […]