How to Train Your Hamstrings

Recent recent shows that Hip-extension exercise selectively activates the biceps femoris long head, and the knee-flexion exercises, like Nordic Curl exercise, preferentially recruits the semitendinosus.So when you want to train the entire hamstring you need to pick exercises from both groups. When you want to be specific with your exercises because of certain condition, you […]

Bloodflow Restriction training to reduce pain

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has long been used to build strength and hypertrophy without using high intensity resistance. For those people that can not lift the typically heavier weights needed to build strength or muscle mass due to injury, surgery status, or immobilization BFR is used to […]

Human Touch Matters, right?

The importance of Human Touch The physiotherapy approach to musculoskeletal pain is currently pointing more towards a hands-off management of patients by education and exercise therapy. However, hands-on techniques still represent a core element of musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice appreciated by patients and widely taught in educational program and clinical professional development training. (Geri et al […]

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