Rehabilitation Succeeds Where Technology and Pharmacology Failed: Effective Treatment of Persistent Pain across the Lifespan

From: Chronic pain affects up to 30% of the adult population and 11% to 38% of the childhood and adolescent population. The area of rehabilitation research for patients having persistent pain is on the move with a substantial increase in the scientific understanding of persistent pain over the past decades. This rapid growth in […]

Effect of Radiofrequency Denervation on Pain Intensity Among Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain

Radiofrequency denervation is a commonly used treatment for chronic low back pain, but high-quality evidence for its effectiveness is lacking. All participants received a 3-month standardized exercise program and psychological support if needed. Participants in the intervention group received radiofrequency denervation as well. This is usually a 1-time procedure, but the maximum number of treatments […]

Functional Cupping

About ten years ago, Pieter de Smidt was looking to add to his array of manual therapy skills for soft tissue treatment.  de Smidt, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, MTC, owner of Reset-Wellness Physical Therapy in Houston, TX, was well-versed in instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), which still proved painful for some patients. But after seeing the benefits […]

Injured? Want To Work Out?

If you are in pain, or had a recent injury/surgery, and you want to start working out again, but don’t know where to start: reach out to a Physical Therapist. PT’s can help you safely start moving again. They understand your medical history and they understand exercise. However, if you want to start lifting weights […]

Weightlifting is not bad for your knees, low back or shoulders

Weightlifting will not hurt you knees, back, shouldersWe need to stop telling people that weightlifting is bad for them. Yes, before anyone start with weightlifting they need the prerequisite mobility and stability and know good form. Yes, not everyone needs to use a barbell to do deadlifts. Actually most people do not, but they can […]

Shoulder Pain?What can do in the Gym?

Shoulderpain is one of the most common problems that happen to my fitness clients. The #benchpress #shoulderpress and even #bicepscurls often lead to #shoulderimpingement ..If you have pain, you don’t have to stop lifting. But you may have modify your #exercise #programming ..Get someone who understands #injurymanagement and #injuryprevention as well as #strengthandconditioning to help […]