Complete Manual Therapy

Learn integration of IASTM, Cupping and Joint mobilizations in your treatment

During this 2 course participants will be exposed to effective manual techniques to help patients regain mobility more effectively by addressing both the soft tissue restrictions and the joint restrictions. 

Take your IASTM techniques to the next level by learning how to integrate cupping with your tool-based soft tissue treatments. By utilizing new manual therapy techniques that complement each other you will develop a fully integrated manual therapy approach that helps expedite your patient’s mobility.

A lab intensive course

Manual Therapy options are endless in quantity and finding the right combination for your patients can be quite daunting. By combining multiple manual therapy techniques, you can quickly and effectively make improvements, setting your patients up for success.

The latest evidence shows that manual therapy, IASTM and cupping reduces pain and improves function by restoring optimal movement. But understanding how to combine these techniques can seem difficult. This course will teach you how to optimally use manual techniques to improve soft tissue and joint movement, based on the specific needs of every patient.