Corrective Exercises


What are Corrective Exercises?

Based on your Functional Movement Screening, we create a series of corrective exercises for you. We look at 7 target areas and address Movement, the foundation. Movement is broken down into mobility and motor control activities. Without a good foundation your exercise program should not address Performance or Skill.

  • Mobility
    • Often soft tissue work is greatly beneficial to improve mobility. We use foam rolling, but we may also refer you to one of our massage therapists to work on some stubborn areas
    • Mobility exercises are not just stretching exercises.
  • Motor Control
    • This includes static and dynamic control activities.

We really incorporate proper breathing as part of all of our exercise programs. Breathing techniques are an often overlooked part of exercise activities and can make a huge difference in improving mobility and motor control.

The next step, after corrective exercises, in the development of our exercise program focuses on Performance, which includes exercises for strength, endurance, agility, speed. However,Ā Strength Training can be used as a corrective exercise as well, once mobility and motor control have been achieved.

“Progressive loading is key to long term outcomes”