“You should try to maintain an upright torso during the squat”⠀

Another fallacy when it comes to squatting is the idea that you shouldn’t be leaning forward and that you should be trying to maintain an upright torso.

This is a myth! The most efficient way to barbell squat is to ensure the barbell stays balanced over the middle of the foot. In order for this to happen, the trunk angle is going to VARY based on a few things:⠀

➡️ Body Anthropometry ⠀

➡️ Bar Position ⠀

Those with longer femurs relative to their torso are going to require MORE forward lean in order to maintain the barbell over the midfoot

If you are squatting low bar, this will also require more forward torso lean in order to keep the barbell balanced. ⠀

Often times trying to maintain an upright torso or excessively using the “chest up” cue in these two situations can both decrease the efficiency of the lift and limit the amount of weight you can squat!⠀

While other variations such as the front squat and overhead squat WILL require a more upright torso to make sure the barbell is balanced over the mid-foot, with the back squat, as always, things will be case dependent.


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