“The overhead press is bad for the shoulder”⠀⠀

Do you avoid pressing overhead in fear that it’s bad for your shoulders? ⠀
Provided you have the required range of motion, and it doesn’t currently hurt to press overhead, this exercise is both SAFE and EFFECTIVE to promote shoulder strength and health. ⠀

In fact, I use it as a rehab tool for many WITH current shoulder pain…why?⠀

The overhead press is a great exercise to promote balance at the shoulder joint. While the bench press focuses primarily training the muscles of the anterior shoulder (pecs and anterior delts), the overhead press effectively trains the rotator cuff and scapular muscles as well (traps and serratus anterior). ⠀

If you have had pain with the overhead press before, or you are nervous that you will develop pain, I’d recommend getting a form check to make sure you are performing it optimally. ⠀You need solid shoulder mobility and stability as well as good thoracic mobility to press overhead: without these requirements you may develop pain, but if you have the required mobility and stability the overhead press is a great exercise.

Once you do this, it’s time to get out there and press MORE for healthy shoulders!


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