“Myth 6: The low bar squat is better than the high bar squat”⠀

While the low bar squat is my personal favorite, and the variation I program for most of my general strength athletes, it’s not the end all be all!⠀⠀

I prefer to squat low bar because it feels best to ME. It’s also great for those who are trying to work around current knee pain or for those who have limited ankle mobility.

But here’s the thing…there’s nothing wrong with the high bar squat! It’s actually great for those who:⠀

➡️ Have limited shoulder mobility ⠀

➡️ Are Olympic/Crossfit athletes⠀

➡️ Just “feel” better with this variation in general ⠀

Just like the low bar squat, the high bar squat can be incrementally loaded and is going to produce similar strength and hypertrophy improvements. ⠀

The choice between these two variations, as always, should be determined on a case by case basis. Try both variations and have someone evaluate your movement and screen your mobility to see which one is better for you.


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