I see these terms used all the time and some people think its the same. But these sets are different

Compound Sets
These sets are 2 different exercises for the same muscle group that are performed back-to-back. This is a great way to really develop strength, stamina and growth for the targeted muscle group. Think Bench press followed by chest flies. Or Skullcrushers followed by triceps press down. This works well if your workout split allows you to focus on 1 muscle group for that day.

Super Sets
A super set is group of 2 exercises that work opposite muscle groups. Think Bench press followed by Bent Over Rowing. Think Biceps Curls, followed by Triceps Kickbacks. The thought process is that while one group is working (chest) the opposite muscle group (back) is relaxed and vice versa. This works well if you want to work a lot of muscle groups in 1 exercise session.


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