This series discusses common questions we get from our patients with shoulder pain. We talk about certain conditions and teach you things you can do yourself to reduce your shoulder problems

Do You have Shoulder Problems?

Question: What is a SLAP tear?
A SLAP tear is a tear of your labrum in your shoulder. Read here about what a SLAP tear is.

Question: Do all labrum tears or rotator cuff tears need surgery?
No. Some tears will require surgery, but you should not consider surgery unless you tried a solid conservative Physical Therapy program. Click here to learn more about common shoulder conditions

Question: What are some good exercises when my shoulder hurts?
Everyone needs different exercises for their shoulder, because pain and injuries are very individual. However, some exercises are good pretty much all people with some shoulder pain. Here are some basic exercises, that everyone typically benefits from:

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Question: Where can I learn more about shoulder pain?
We have created a free E-book. You can download it here


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