Half kneeling for Hip and Ankle

Hopefully, you’ve practiced some of the tall kneeling stuff and are ready to progress to half kneeling. In half kneeling, we’re going to bring one knee up.  We’re going to leave the down leg in the exact same position and almost draw a perpendicular line from the mid-shaft of your lower leg through the heel and big toe of the foot in half kneeling.

If we make that angle less than 90 degrees, you will be exploring ankle mobility.  If we make that knee greater than 90 degrees, you will be exploring a lot of hip mobility with a big focus on the adductors.  The adductors will often splint a weak spine just like the hamstrings will. Making sure that you’re symmetrical in the half kneel is how you can fix a lot of single-leg stance and lunge issues

Now in half kneeling, we’re going to hold that kettlebell in front and behind.  In front provides a load that allows you to cheat a little bit of that last few degrees of hip extension but when we go behind . . .

Remember: Mobility first! So wait with this type of exercises, until you have sufficient mobility

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