Improve Posture

Between hours in front of computer and downtime slumped over a smartphone our posture is suffering. Here are 4 exercises to improve posture.

  1. Deadlift
    This exercise works the entire posterior chain, without to much loading of the low back and knees
  2. Plank(ing)
    Planks can be traditional, or with use of a TRX support. Either way, its a great full body exercise to improve your overall posture
  3. Dumbbell Rows
    Rowing will strengthen the upper back, to fight the muscles that pull you forward into a slumped posture
  4. Stretching
    #MobilityFirst. We always recommend to improve mobility before we start loading the body with strengthening and/or stabilization activities. No one person is the same, so get a good assessment done to see where you need to start. We use the FMS as a way to guide you on your path to better posture and better daily function

Source: 4 Exercises to Improve Posture


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