Many of our patients come in and report that they have tightness in their hip flexor(s). A perception of tightness in your groin area can be caused my many different issues. So when do you know when you need to stretch that hip and when do you need something else?
A comprehensive movement exam of your lower body can help identify what the potential cause of your symptoms is. The hips, low back and pelvis need to properly work together, or otherwise you can develop symptoms. You need a combination of sufficient mobility in all areas, coupled with enough motor control to stabilize the region as well. This regional interdependence needs to be assessed to find the true culprit of your groin tightness

What can cause your hip flexor to be tight

Low back problems often can result in groin pain. Often times the lumbar spine needs additional stability to properly function. The hip joint is commonly restricted and needs typically increased mobility to avoid any symptoms in the groin. Muscles like your adductors and hip flexors have a tendency to tighten up if they can not handle the load you place upon them. But just because these muscles feel tight, does not automatically mean that you have to stretch them. Weak muscles can present as ‘tight” as well. So just because your hip flexors feel tight does not mean you need to go stretch them!

How can you find out what to do

At Reset-Wellness we can help you to find out what you need to work on: your back, your hips, your pelvis, your core or your lower extremity muscles and it will help you to find out if we need to gain more stability, or focus more on mobility. We offer free screenings. If you have a nagging injury, or just some soreness that is not improving, let us help you find out where to focus on with your workouts.



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