Kettlebells for Lower Cross Syndrome


Kettlebells for Lower Cross Syndrome: The kettlebell swing exercise not only gets you in shape, it also has a corrective effect on one of the most common dysfunctional lifestyle patterns of the western world!

The lower cross syndrome was first described by Janda, one of the early gurus on the physical therapy world. We have seen many fads in our industry, but exercises that address this issue are vital to athletes of all levels. Everyone talks about “Core” and most just think of abdominals, but there is a lot more to it.

Kettlebells have been around for a long time, although lately they have become quite popular. Its not the only tool to use to correct the lower cross syndrome, but it’s a great tool. Correcting the lower cross related problems will help posture and performance of your core as a whole.

Let us show you how we address this and many other problems that stand between you and your fitness/wellness goals. A Functional Movement Screen can help identify small performance barriers that can be addressed with simple but effective corrective exercises.

Source: Kettlebells and Lower Cross Syndrom by Dr. Ron Tyszkowski


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