LandMine Upper Body Exercises

Half-Kneeling press
The half-kneeling overhead press is a great compound exercise to developer shoulder stability and improve core stability as well. If you have pain with overhead movements: this is a safe way to return to pressing as the arc of motion is controlled. This exercise challenges your shoulder stability, but because you work in half kneeling your core stability is targeted as well.


Bent Over Row
The Bent Over row with a landmine is a great compound exercise for the posterior chain. Stand bent over with core and glutes tight and perform a rowing movement with the bar. You want to look 4-6 feet in front of you, so keep your head in line with your torso. Research has show more activation of your lumbar extensors than for your lats, but both are working. The lats and glutes make up your posterior sling and are key to mobility and stability of your spine and hips.


Linebacker squat with press
This landmine exercise is great for a few reasons: 1. It will help working on your squat depth; as the arc of motion is controlled it feels easier to squat down further. 2. It will help build anterior core as the weight is in front of you. 3. It will allow you to squat if you do not have the upper body mobility and stability to perform a traditional barbell front squat or back squat. By adding the press at the end it becomes even more of a compound exercise.


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