The overhead press is another favorite shoulder exercise. Many coaches will tell you that you need to press overhead to develop boulder-shoulders


The risk with overhead presses stems from the mobility and stability requirements of the upper quadrant. You need full shoulder ROM with great stability. And you need full upper back (thoracic spine) mobility and great motor control  in the entire shoulder girdle. Many people do not have all the prerequisites needed for this exercise, but do it anyway.

If you don’t have solid thoracic (T spine) mobility, your shoulders will have to compensate and you risk impingement or overuse. If your shoulder does not have the required ROM or stability your risk injury to the shoulder muscles or the joint itself, like the labrum. You even need good flexibility in the neck and many of us spend too much time hunched over our laptops, phones and desks…..


Overhead press is a great compound exercises for all the muscles around the shoulder. It builds middle/lower traps, deltoids, triceps and even postural muscles.

Risk/Reward ratio:

The safer alternative to overhead pressing for people that have a history of shoulder problems, or people that do not have all the needed mobility and stability in the upper body: landmine presses. The landmine is safe, because you have a fixed point which make for a great arc of movement. You are still pressing, but directly straight up: so less impingement in the shoulder, while you still use all the same muscles. And you can do it in different positions to challenge the core as well: from half kneeling to split stance.

If you have never tried the landmine press: give it a try and let me know how you liked it.


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