Opposites Attract
This is true in live and in the gym! By working out 2 opposing muscle groups you can speed up your workout and get a compounding effect.

In the above exercise we start with dumbell press and we follow that directly, without rest with bent over rowing. When you are rowing the pecs get a break and when you press the posterior chain is resting. These super sets are very effective and are a good protocol for hypertrophy as they help create the biological and hormonal environment necessary for muscle building. Super sets provide that extra level of both pump and fatigue that trigger the physiological processes that encourage muscle growth.

Research by Weakley (2017) shows that supersets are efficient, but also may require longer recovery times. It also showed that supersets are effective in raising testosterone and lowering cortisol levels.

1. Weakley JJS, Till K, Read DB, et al. The effects of traditional, superset, and tri-set resistance training structures on perceived intensity and physiological responses. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2017;117(9):1877-1889.


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