Tall Kneeling

First of all, we’ve long used tall-kneeling and half-kneeling maneuvers as corrective exercises.  Why?  The position is just as important as the pattern.  The position sets up the posture.  The pattern sets up the movement.

Positions and postures need to have integrity, and patterns of movement need to have economy, or efficiency. Posture is key, we can not have good movement patterns without good posture: so that is where we start. Posture is both static as well as dynamic.

Get a wide base. You’ll start with the kettlebell up front and you’ll simply see if you can just hold that for a minute or two.  Work it out. Get those shoulders down and always push the kettlebell to the ground.  This will really help you find your center.

Remember: Mobility first! So wait with this type of exercises, until you have sufficient mobility

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