The shoulder is all about balance.

If your upper trap and deltoids are overactive -which tends to happen with shoulder pain- the mid/lower traps will be less engaged and your rotatorcuff will tune out as well.
So we do some soft tissue work to reduce tone in upper traps and deltoids before we start loading the rotatorcuff and scapular stabilizers to restore balance between all muscle groups around the shoulder

Balance between mobility and stability
You need TS and pec mobility, but also stability from scapular stabilizers.
So we start with mobility exercises for T-spine in combination with some pec stretches before we start working on engaging rhomboids and middle/lower traps

Balance between anterior and posterior chain.
I typically program 1 press, 1 Horizontal Pull and 1 Vertical Pull to place more emphasis on posterior chain.
For example we program a DB bench press, in combination with a seated row and lat pulldown.


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