TRX | Atomic Pushups

TRX-Anatomic Pushup

Start in a pushup position with your feet in the foot cradles of the Suspension Trainer, directly under the anchor point, and your hands under your shoulders. Brace your core and perform a pushup. When you reach the top of the push up, pause for a moment and perform a TRX crunch by drawing your knees toward your chest and pikeing your hips up slightly. Pause for a moment at the top, then lower your hips back down and straighten your legs to return to the start position.

Why TRX suspension Training?

Our primary goal as rehab and performance professionals is to deliver safe and effective movement progressions that can be utilized to enhance qualities including joint health, tissue extensibility and nervous system efficiency. TRX movements can be scaled (progressed/regressed) and utilized with manual therapy techniques and other modalities. The suspension trainer can be used anywhere by anyone and is very effective for use in home exercise programs.


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