Many things can help your knee pain and we will discuss the most effective self care options in this series of blog posts


Good mobility and flexibility is important. You need to make sure to stretch your calf, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors. Stretch 3-5 reps for 10-30 seconds each.

Hip Flexor Stretch
While kneeling, lean forward and bend your front knee until a stretch is felt along the front of the other

Hamstring Stretch
While lying down on your back, hook a towel or strap under  your foot and draw up your leg until a stretch is felt along the backside of your leg.
Keep your knee in a straightened position during the stretch.
Quad Stretch
While in a standing position, bend your knee back behind and hold your ankle/foot.
Next, gently pull your knee into a more bent position until a stretch is felt on the front of the thigh.
Calf Stretch
Start by standing in front of a wall. Keep the leg behind you with a straight knee during the stretch.
Lean forward towards the wall until a gentle stretch is felt along the back of your leg that is most behind you.

Images courtesy of Hep2Go.com