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  • Crossfit Movements-Clean

    Crossfit Movements-Clean

    Lots of people ask me about different crossfit style exercises. Sometimes they feel intinmidated to go to a crossfit box, other times they want to learn on their own. I’m not a crossfit coach, but I help patients that have pain with lifting weights, or have pain and want to return to lifting weights. The … Continue reading "Crossfit Movements-Clean"Read More »
  • Upper Trap Self Release

    Upper Trap Self Release

    One of the most common issues I see is patients that report tension in their upper traps. From heavy lifting, or from sitting behind a computer all day: many people develop upper back pain and stiffness. I love using Acumobility balls for this. Check out this video: https://player.vimeo.com/video/443912561Read More »
  • Glute Self Release

    Glute Self Release

    So many people approach me and ask pain in their glute area. This pain can come for the low back, the hip, the SI joint and from any of the muscles in that region. Foam rolling and lacrosse balls may or may not work. I like using the Accumobility ball. I do not sell them, … Continue reading "Glute Self Release"Read More »
  • What Is Blood Flow Restriction

    What Is Blood Flow Restriction

    Getting PopularNot just for patients, also for athletesImprove strength, gain mucle mass and increase endurance Blood flow restriction training is getting more and more popular in rehab setting and in the gyms. With good reason, as there is a substantial amount of research coming out that shows the benefit of BFR to improve strength and … Continue reading "What Is Blood Flow Restriction"Read More »
  • How To

    How To

    We review popular exercises and show you the proper form, why you should do these exercises and when you should look for an alternative exerciseRead More »
  • How can exercise help chronic pain?

    How can exercise help chronic pain?

    Answer: Although resting for short periods can help with pain, too much rest may actually make it worse and put you at greater risk of injury. Research has shown that regular exercise can ease pain long term by improving muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. Exercise may also cause a release of endorphins, the body’s natural … Continue reading "How can exercise help chronic pain?"Read More »
  • Should You Train To Failure?

    Should You Train To Failure?

    We used to think that training to failure was the only way to gain strength and hypertrophy. But research does not support this! Every once in a while with some isolation exercises its OK to train to failure and see where your limits are. Otherwise, why risk injury?Read More »
  • Back pain? Want to lift?

    Back pain? Want to lift?

    Everyone is different. Your pain is not the same as someone else’s pain. If you have pain, get a qualified Healthcare Provider that understands lifting weights to help you stay active¬† If you have back pain you don’t have to stop lifting, but you may have to adjust your program. Find an exercise and a … Continue reading "Back pain? Want to lift?"Read More »
  • Knee Pain? Want To Work Out?

    Knee Pain? Want To Work Out?

    If you have¬†#kneepain, weight training can help. However, you may need to modify your workout.This chart shows you how different exercises compare, as far as strain on the knee.We are all individuals, so different exercises may affect pain differently .This information is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. If you have knee pain you … Continue reading "Knee Pain? Want To Work Out?"Read More »
  • Shoulder Pain?What can do in the Gym?

    Shoulder Pain?What can do in the Gym?

    Shoulderpain is one of the most common problems that happen to my fitness clients. The #benchpress #shoulderpress and even #bicepscurls often lead to #shoulderimpingement ..If you have pain, you don’t have to stop lifting. But you may have modify your #exercise #programming ..Get someone who understands #injurymanagement and #injuryprevention as well as #strengthandconditioning to help … Continue reading "Shoulder Pain?What can do in the Gym?"Read More »