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  • The Squat Series

    The Squat Series

    Squatting is a key exercise that should be part of everyone’s fitness routine. However, the squat can be limited die to a variety of factors and this can lead up injuries. I use the Overhead Deep Squat as an assessment tool to see where in the dynamic chain we may find some issues: the thoracic spine; […]Read More »
  • How to Squat with back pain

    How to Squat with back pain

    If you have pain, or increased pain with your back squat, it might be time to modify your exercise program. I like these variations to continue to squat, but reduce the pressure on the low back Other links Ways to improve squat depth How to do a Bulgarian SquatRead More »
  • How To Squat With Knee Pain

    How To Squat With Knee Pain

    👉 The Spanish squat was designed to treat patella tendinopathy but can be used for all lower extremity rehabilitation. 👉 The Spanish squat increases the tension within the lower extremities but does not increase the compressive force in the patella femoral joint. 👉 The increase in tension in the patella tendon due to the quadriceps […]Read More »
  • How to Train Your Hamstrings

    How to Train Your Hamstrings

    Recent recent shows that Hip-extension exercise selectively activates the biceps femoris long head, and the knee-flexion exercises, like Nordic Curl exercise, preferentially recruits the semitendinosus.So when you want to train the entire hamstring you need to pick exercises from both groups. When you want to be specific with your exercises because of certain condition, you […]Read More »
  • What is Glute Amnesia

    What is Glute Amnesia

    A study in 2013 showed that hip pain can reduce peak force in the glute max during activities like a bridge or hip extension. Hip impingement can be one of those conditions that causes the glutes to turn off Some people have been trying to blame the hip flexors and too much sitting for this, […]Read More »
  • Bloodflow Restriction training to reduce pain

    Bloodflow Restriction training to reduce pain

    What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training has long been used to build strength and hypertrophy without using high intensity resistance. For those people that can not lift the typically heavier weights needed to build strength or muscle mass due to injury, surgery status, or immobilization BFR is used to […]Read More »
  • What Is Blood Flow Restriction

    What Is Blood Flow Restriction

    Getting Popular Blood flow restriction training is getting more and more popular in rehab setting and in the gyms. With good reason, as there is a substantial amount of research coming out that shows the benefit of BFR to improve strength and hypertrophy. Research on Hypertrophy With traditional workouts you need to load the muscles […]Read More »
  • How to do Bulgarian Split Squat

    How to do Bulgarian Split Squat

    The Bulgarian split squat isn’t an all-around better exercise than the barbell back squat, but if you incorporate it into your plan intelligently, it can help improve your leg development while reducing your risk of injury and muscle imbalances. Benefits 💪It’s a unilateral exercise, so we can reduce differences between left and right 💪We can […]Read More »
  • How to Bent Over Row

    How to Bent Over Row

    Rowing for back, neck and shoulder problems Rowing exercises might be the exercise Inused the most in the clinicI use it for patients with back pain to stabilize the torso. I use it for shoulder patients to stabilize the scapula and I use it for neck patients to improve posture Many of my patients need […]Read More »
  • How To Improve Thoracic Mobility

    How To Improve Thoracic Mobility

    Here is a good progression to improve thoracic extension with a foam rollRead More »

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