Why Do You Need Medical Fitness Training?

  • Have you had an injury before?
    • We focus on injury recovery and injury prevention
  • Did you have recent surgery?
    • We help you to get back to the gym safely. Unlike traditional personal trainers, we have experience and doctorate level training to help people that have had an injury or surgery
  • Did you hit an exercise plateau?
    • We can create an evidenced based program to help you exceed your goals
  • Do you want to get healthier, but don’t know where to start?
    • Our exercise programs are focussed on overall health

“Medical Fitness Is Personal Training
For People With An Injury”

We can work with you one-to-one. We will perform a full Assessment, including the Self Health Risk Assessment (SHA) and the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).

Our evidence based exercise programs will safely help you to reach your fitness goals.
Dr. de Smidt has 30 years experience as a Physical Therapist and can help you exactly pinpoint what changes you need to make in order for you to reach your goals. We start with Corrective Exercises that will have correct your mobility and motor control restrictions. Then we will start loading your body with strengtheningĀ and conditioning work to build resilience, which is the main ingredient to avoid future injuries.

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