Why Low Carb Diets Do Not Work


Low Carb Diets Don’t Work

Carbs have gotten a bad reputation over the past 10 years: Atkins, South Beach all wanted us to stop eating carbs.
Sure, you can lose some pounds, and even quickly, if you stop the carbs; but we need Carbs as part of our diet.

Where I think most of us went wrong is thinking that all carbs are “bad”and created equal. There is carbs in fruit and vegetables: those are great for you. Highly processed carbs are the ones we want to avoid: cookies, chips,etc

Eating carbs in combination with some healthy fats is good for you. Its been part of the Mediterranean diet for ever. But everything in proper proportions. You need healthy fats, low-processed carbs and protein as part of a healthy diet. How much of each, depends on your goals, your workouts and your metabolism.

So you can skip the carbs in the sort term, but for long term success Carbs need to be part of a healthy diet

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