Movement Based Therapy

Research shows that the combination of hands-on manual therapy with exercise is superior for the successful treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. This 2-day comprehensive course will predominantly focus on proper exercise treatment as a continuation of soft tissue treatments. 

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Complete MT

Complete Manual Therapy: Functional Cupping with IASTM and Joint Mobilizations.
During this 2 course participants will be exposed to effective manual techniques to help patients regain mobility more effectively by addressing both the soft tissue restrictions and the joint restrictions. 

Bloodflow Restriction Training

BFRT is both safe and effective and was recognized by the APTA in 2018 as part of the scope of Physical Therapy.
BFRT is an adjunct to low intensity resistance exercise (LIRE) or aerobic exercise that increases muscle mass, improves aerobic capacity, and aids in repair and regrowth of tissues

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