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Physical Therapy

We offer hands-on, evidence-based Physical Therapy. Unlike most other clinics, we treat our patient one-on-one and you will only be seen by a Physical Therapist and not an unlicensed PT tech or PT aide.

Manual Therapy is an important part of our treatment and we feel that is essential to integrate manual treatment with exercises to get the best long-term outcomes. 

Dr. de Smidt’s evidenced based, integrated approach of manual therapy with corrective exercises is best described by our mantra “Gain It, Main It and Load it”. We use hands-on treatment to regain your mobility, exercises to stabilize and maintain your pain-free mobility and then load it with resistive exercises. Dr. de Smidt is certified as a McKenzie MDT-specialist for treatment of the spine and extremities and also is a certied Manual Therapist and has been helping people with their pain for over 30 years. Read more

Medical Fitness

We believe that a variety of workouts is key to success. Based on your personalized Functional Movement Screening(FMS) we determine what type of exercise-programs are most important for you and create a personalized, evidence based Physical Fitness Routine. 

Our Medical Fitness Training is designed to work with you one-on-one. Most of our personal training clients want to work on injury prevention or are recovering from an injury. Many of our clients like our nutrition advice to complement their exercise routine

  • Corrective Exercises
    • Mobility
    • Motor Control for Stability
      • Static Motor Control
      • Dynamic Motor Control
  • ViPR: Loaded Movement Training
    • Vitality, Performance & Reconditioning
    • Bridging the gap between movement training and strength training
    • Functional, loaded activities
  • TRX
    • Suspension training for upper body, lower body and core strengthening