Eat Nuts For Better Health

People who eat nuts regularly have a lower chance of being overweight. Nuts contain mostly healthy unsaturated fats and are also a good source of fiber, protein and antioxidants. Almonds and pistachios are a great addition to your nutrition plan. Source: Eat Nuts For Better Body Composition and Optimal Health | Poliquin Article

Warm Lemon Water with Turmeric

Add even more health benefits to your morning cup of warm lemon water by mixing in turmeric. Here’s how to do it and why. Lemon water, among many other things, detoxifies the body by giving the digestive system a kick in the morning. Turmeric is an incredibly powerful nutritional supplement. The Indian spice has chemical compounds …

Improve Posture

Between hours in front of computer and downtime slumped over a smartphone our posture is suffering. Here are 4 exercises to improve posture. Deadlift This exercise works the entire posterior chain, without to much loading of the low back and knees Plank(ing) Planks can be traditional, or with use of a TRX support. Either way, …

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