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    positive review  ‘ve been to many physical therapists over the last four years for severe neck pain. During the last two or three years my neck became so rigid that the way I moved had become compromised and driving was becoming dangerous even though I was exercising five days a week. My primary care doctor finally referred me to a pain management physician for injections. They were not helpful. A month or so ago my wonderful sister, a physical therapist who lives in another city, came to Houston for a continuing education class taught by Pieter. She was so impressed with his work that she actually gifted me with a series of visits with him to make sure I would go. Of course I did, and he was wonderful! So wonderful that I bought an additional package of treatments today to continue making progress. Pieter’s is the most successful physical therapy I’ve had. I do the exercises he recommends–they’re manageable–and I continue my daily exercise classes at the Y. I can feel–and see!–the improvement. My neck actually looks better. Based on my personal experience, I have been recommending Pieter to everyone I see who complains of a structural pain, and I recommend him to anyone reading this review who’s looking for a physical therapist. He’s the best I’ve ever been to.

    Alice McCarthy Avatar Alice McCarthy
    March 1, 2019

    positive review  I’ve been working with Pieter for over a year for various problems. He’s wonderful and I’ve experienced progress with all of my body ailments. Please consider Pieter if you are having pain. Patient Education is a main ingredient for improvement and Pieter makes sure to include what you need to know to get better. Go see him!!

    Sandi Weberlein Avatar Sandi Weberlein
    March 1, 2019

    positive review  I met Dr.Pieter at a friends event, I approached him for questions about my knee since I was starting physical therapy the following Monday at a location closer to home. He gave me advice on what to expect and what to look for at my appointment. I really enjoyed his professionalism & honesty so much that I ended up canceling my appointment at my original location and did my evaluation with him that same day. He examined my knee put KT tape on it and gave me a few exercises to start doing at home. He was very helpful, I will now be seeing him for my physical therapy regardless of the 40 minute drive I have to make. I definitely recommend him.

    Mayra Cruz Avatar Mayra Cruz
    February 28, 2019