In this Series we will discuss the many myths that go around regarding lifting with barbells. Always & Never are difficult words to use in Rehab and Fitness.

Barbell Myth 1: The Sumo deadlift is an inferior lift

The Sumo Deadlift is in no way an inferior exercise.
Both are compound exercises that load the entire posterior chain.

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Barbell Myth 2: You should not Arch your low back during bench press

If you do not currently have back pain, arching your back during bench press is most effective and safe for your shoulders

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Barbell Myth 3: Dumbells are safer for bench press

If you do not have good form, upper quadrant mobility and stability either one of these exercises can cause problems; using a barbell or dumbbells.

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Barbell Myth 4: Always keep torso erect during backsquat

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Barbell Myth 5: Overhead Press is bad for your shoulders

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Barbell Myth 6: The Low bar squat is better than the high bar squat

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