Lots of people ask me about different crossfit style exercises. Sometimes they feel intinmidated to go to a crossfit box, other times they want to learn on their own. I’m not a crossfit coach, but I help patients that have pain with lifting weights, or have pain and want to return to lifting weights.

The official crossfit website has a lot of information. Today, we will look at the clean. Often I find people that have difficulty with the front rack position, due to limited upper back mobility and/or limited flexibility of the lats.

A great way to start with this movement is using dumbells, before a straight bar. Click here to see a detailed description

Then you can progress to the barbell clean.

A variation that can be used is the hang clean, where you dont start with the barbell on the ground, which is great if the actual lift off the ground causes you difficulty.

The clean is typically combined with the jerk.

What is difference between the “clean” and the “power clean”?


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