This series is to help you educate on common knee conditions we see in the clinic and typical questions we get from our patients about knee pain.

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I have a meniscus tear, do I need surgery?

Not all meniscus tears need surgery. Most surgeons will reccommend 2-3 months of Physical Therapy before deciding on surgery. Learn more here

What Type of ACL graft should I get?

There is no perfect graft. It depends on your activity level and goals. Most surgeons prefer an autograft, where tissue from the patient is used. Allograft use donor tissue. Learn more about different options here

Does a meniscus tear heal?

Some meniscus tears can heal. It depends where the tear is located. Learn more here.

What is an MCL?

The MCL, Medial Collateral Ligament, is a ligament on the inide of your knee that helps stabilize the knee. It’s commonly injured with contact injuries where someone may fall into your knee, but it can also get sprained or torn when the foot is planted and the body goes in the opposite direction. Learn More Here

What Exercises can I do for my knee pain

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