Hamstring Tendinopathies Exercise progression: part 1 of 4

Almost everyone has pulled their hamstring before. If you have experienced hamstring pain, you know how chronic these issues can become. And they tend to keep coming back.

Research by Askling has shown eccentric exercises can be helpful in recovery and prevention of your hamstring pain.Eccentric exercises, or “negative” exercises are strengthening exercises thatare performed while the affected muscle is lengthened during the the contraction.

The key with recovery from any injury is to gradually to start loading the tissues to build resilience. Underloading and overloading the injured tissue can delay healing, so make sure your treatment plan is progressive, but not too aggressive.

In this this first exercise we load the hamstring while standing on a treadmill, supported as needed by the handles to have partial-loading. The involved leg is kicked back into extension and then the patient resists the movement forward as the treadmill pushes his leg forward.


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