The Number of days you can consistently work out should decide how you split up your workouts.

2 or 3 days to workout

Do Full Body Workouts each day you work out. Include a squat, deadlift, a pull and a press

4 days to workout

Alternate upper body and lower body days

On Upper body days include at least 1 press, 1 horizontal pull, 1 vertical pull and some isolation for biceps and triceps.

Your lower body day should include a squats, a deadlift, some unilateral work for quads and hamstrings and calves

5 days

I day for pushing, 1 day for pulling, 2 leg days and 1 combination upper body day with pushing and pulling. Push days include chest press, shoulder press, dips. Pull days include horizontal and vertical pulls

6 days

2 leg days, 2 push days and 2 pull days. Alternate 1 leg day, 1 pull day, 1 push day and then repeat.


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