Rowing Is One Of My Favorite Exercises

Rowing for back, neck and shoulder problems

Rowing exercises might be the exercise Inused the most in the clinic
I use it for patients with back pain to stabilize the torso. I use it for shoulder patients to stabilize the scapula and I use it for neck patients to improve posture

Many of my patients need to improve engagement of the posterior chain and the bent over row does just that. Perfectly! It’s a compound exercise that involves many muscles, multiple joints and is functional.

Key for any rowing variation is to first “set the back” engage your core and back muscles and pull your shoulder blades back and down. Now you have a stable base to pull from.

If you do a single DB row, make sure to pull back and up. Not straight up.

Barbell rowing can be done with palms up or down. With palms up you get more help from your biceps.

Landmine rowing can be done with both arms, or as a single variation and can be fine tuned to work different parts of your back, depending on where you place your feet.

rowing is a must exercise for most of my patients and should be part of all your back and pulling days.


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