In this series we review popular exercises and show you the proper form, why you should do these exercises and when you should look for an alternative exercise

How To Perform a Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust exercises has become a lot more popular and for good good reason. For function and overall lower extremity development, you also need to train the backside of the legs, the posterior chain.

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How to do Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat isn’t an all-around better exercise than the barbell back squat, but if you incorporate it into your plan intelligently, it can help improve your leg development while reducing your risk of injury and muscle imbalances.

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How to Improve Thoracic Mobility

The Foam Roller can be used to improve thoracic mobility, esepcially to improve extension which a lot of use due to our forward bend posture.

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How to train your hamstrings

The hamstring is is made of 2 groups, the semis and the biceps femoris. Each responds to different type of exercises.

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How to Squat with knee pain

If you have knee pain, especially pain on the anterior (front) of the knee, give this exercise a try

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How to squat with back pain

If your back is hurting, sometimes you need to alter your leg workout.

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How to Bench Press

Follow these 4 steps to safely perform the bench press. If you have pain with Bench press this post also shows you some alternatives.

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How to do a pull-up

We have videos to show you step-by-step how to master the pull-up

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How to deadlift

How to Squat


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