Rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries can be complex. Over the years, acronyms guiding their management have evolved from ICE to RICE, then to PRICE and POLICE.

Although widely known, the evidence supporting the elements of these treatments is limited.  ICE/RICE/PRICE focus on acute management, unfortunately ignoring sub-acute and chronic stages of tissue healing

PEACE & LOVE is a 2-phase approach that outlines the importance of educating patients and addressing psychosocial factors to enhance recovery. In addition, while anti-inflammatories show benefits on pain and function, our acronyms flag their potential harmful effects on optimal tissue repair. It also removes Cryotherapy from acute injury management

Click on below links to read more details on this newest approach to injury management

Phase 1, Initial Days After Injury: PEACE

Phase 2 : After the first days have passed, soft tissues need LOVE


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