Pilates for low back pain

A more classically focused Pilates program will included exercises to focus on the following principles: breathing, flow, precision, centering, concentration, control, alignment and integration.


Pilates for low back pain:

  1. Many teachers will now agree that the term ‘core’ doesn’t refer to your stomach muscles and that having a ‘strong core’ is more about a functional and dynamic kinetic chain, not a six-pack.
  2. Functional Movement should not be in a single plane, but initial treatment like McKenzie MDT may be specifically in one plane.
  3. Work the entire range of motion, especially end-range
  4. Recovery of function: incorporate the whole body

Read more at http://www.raynersmale.com/blog/2015/11/10/a-targeted-pilates-program-for-low-back-pain


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