This graph compares the type of injuries in competition versus practice.

The good news is that sprains/strains are half of the injuries. Why is that good news?

Sprain/Strain can be prevented.

Proper strength and conditioning can avoid sprain/strain. Rest and sufficient sleep are also very effective in reducing injuries. By working on agility, balance and coordination during season and in the off season we can further reduce this injuries.

Patients with a Sprain/Strain recover quickly

No surgery is needed for this type of conditions and with relative rest an progressive loading an athlete can return quickly to sports activities. The use of Ice and NSAIDS is getting less and less popular and compression with appropriate exercises can enhance the return to sports.

Good to know:

  • Kids that sleep less than 7 hours are 1.7 times more likely to get injured.
  • No screening can predict injury, but screenings like the FMS can help identify areas to focus on with exercise selection for workouts.

Best treatment for Sprain/Strain

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