Stop Static Stretching

Came across a nice article that brings up the question on static versus dynamic stretching. Should we stop static stretching?

I think static stretching can be useful, especially if there is an injury and true restriction/increased tone in the muscles. Some people spend too much time stretching hip flexors, while they really needs is better core control and stability to improve hip mobility. However that does not mean that some patients don’t need static stretching on the hip flexors. That is why need to perform a solid movement assessment and treat accordingly.

Look for consistency

Consistency during your assessment will show you what to focus on. If AROM and PROM show the same restriction: its likely a mobility problem. If loaded and unloaded show similar restrictions: it’s likely a mobility problem. If supported ROM is same as unsupported ROM: it’s likely a mobility problem. If these assessments are not consistent you may be facing a motor control problem.

However when you have a mobility problem, the answer is not static stretching. I can be part of the solution, but the main treatment should be focused on dynamic activities: Read more: https://drjohnrusin.com/end-static-stretching-hip-mobility/


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