Weightlifting will not hurt you knees, back, shoulders
We need to stop telling people that weightlifting is bad for them.

  • Yes, before anyone start with weightlifting they need the prerequisite mobility and stability and know good form.
  • Yes, not everyone needs to use a barbell to do deadlifts. Actually most people do not, but they can use trap bar, rack pulls, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, or even do a dowel hip hinge
  • Yes, not everyone needs to lift a barbell overhead. They can use a machine, Dumbells or a landmine
  • Yes, not everyone needs to do a barbell squat ATG, but some form of squatting should be done by all of us, as its part of our daily lives

Research has shown over and over again that weight lifting is not bad for and actually can really help us. More strength, more resilience. Stronger bones and muscles won’t hurt anyone

Pieter L. de Smidt, PT, DPT

Knee Research:


Shoulder research


Back research


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