What is a #SLAP TEAR, also known as Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior.
The labrum is a cartilage ring inside the shoulder that provides stability to the joint and. Slap tear is a common tear of your labrum, where your biceps attaches.

From @drnimamehran: SLAP tears (of the shoulder) are most commonly due to repetitive overhead activities, but can also occur due to a fall out on an outstretched arm with a tensed bicep or traction on the arm.

Symptoms include vague, deep shoulder pain, occasionally mechanical symptoms such as popping and clicking. Additionally, patients complain of weakness, easier fatigue and poorer athletic performance.

First line of treatment is always PHYSICAL THERAPY, NSAIDs or possibly injections. PT can help improve any range of motion deficits such as a limited internal rotation. Additionally, PT will help improve scapular strength and stability and rotator cuff strength. Most SLAP tears do not need surgery. In fact, I (@drnimamehran) have managed my own slap tear and many of my friends’ slap tears without surgery.

However, when surgery is indicated, it could involve repairing the SLAP and/or performing a biceps tenodesis, which is placing the biceps into the bone. The idea is that the biceps can be anchored in a different location so it does not put stress on the labrum and removes the pain generating section of the biceps


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