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Digital Patient Engagement

Clinic Management   
Scheduling and documentation. Integrates with Home Programs, Outcomes and Message features. Also track payments.....
Our documentation system is based on a simple SOAP format with freestyle text. You can track payments and use packages for payment as well. Schedule your appointments with a built-in Calendar.
The Clinic Management tool allows you to see what patients have an outstanding balance, or filter cases that incomplete documentation. It also can help you track patients that haven't been seen for a while and make sure they still need your care.
Home Programs   
Send home programs that are video-based, not just pictures.
Send via email or SMS. Attach an optional PDF that can be printed as well.......
Search by body part, equipment, or exercise type. Create and save your own favorite templates. Save your HEP as a PDF, or email it directly to your patient. Copy the HEP to your EMR for convenient documentation
Monitor outcomes by emailing your patient a standardized questionaire, like the Oswestry Back Disability, or NDI......
Get notified when they have completed their self-screening and review the results. Results can be downloaded as a PDF, or you can copy the results into your EMR directly.
Quickly share a video, or a blog post with your patients.....
You can add your own material to the library of topics: videos, websites, and even PDF files. Send one, or multiple topics to your patient.
Secure Messages   
Send HIPAA-compliant messages to your patients.....
Patients can directly reach out to you, without sharing your personal phone number or email. You and your patients will be notified by email when a new message has been received.
Self Health Assessments   
Lifestyle Coaching is the future for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy....
Understanding your patient's medical history and lifestyle choices is a first step. A Self Health Assessment (SHA) is a series of questions about their medical history, family history, etc. It covers a large number of topics to get a complete picture of their health. Your patient or client gets a full report and also a Wellness report card about their lifestyle choices.
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